Sausages Flavors (Retail Prices)

Original German Bratwurst (500g)


Original German Recipe, goes great with French Fries or Mash Potatoes. Ketogenic friendly.

Thai Fusion (500g)


This recipe is seasoned for the Thai taste. The taste is mellow, fragrant with peppers a little spiciness. A favorite for Thai people.

Chili Zaap (500g)


German sausage with added chili for extra hot flavor, a special recipe for spicy lover.

Young Green Pepper (500g)


This recipe adds young green pepper in the meat mixture, for those who love the taste of pepper.

Extra Cheese (500g)


A recipe for cheese lovers with large cheese chunks while being Ketogenic friendly. (320 baht per pack)

Kiddy Wurst (500g)


This recipe is created for children, it doesn't contain any pepper or spices that kids dislike.

Spinach Cheese (500g)


A fusion between German sausage and Spinach Cheese dish. This dish is both delicious and ketogenic friendly.

Mixed Veggies (500g)


A recipe with added celery, corn, carrots into the sausage mix for veggie lovers.

Mixed Sausage Pack (500g)


A mix of 7 sausage flavor in 1 pack including the following sausages: Original, Thai Fusion, Extra Cheese, Pepper, Chili Zaap, Mixed Veggies, and Spinach Cheese